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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Blood Curse

At the beginning of the world humankind and dragons lived in peace and harmony. But such peace didn't last for too long. War started among the humankind and the dragons got involved right into the middle of it. It wasn't long and the dragons were targeted by opposite factions due to their power and strength in a way to weakening their side. The elders of the dragons feared for their race and didn't want the dragons to become the victims of such war. Therefore, the dragon races decided to separate themselves from the humankind..

Due to such actions the war slowly started to change and became between the dragon race and the human race. The dragon race proof themselves superior in fighting and started to actually win the war. In a desperate attempt to change the course of the war, the human race leaders decided to target and burn areas populated with dragons nests' killing in process alot of young dragons and unhatched eggs.

Such bold and brutal move by the human race put fear into the dragons and forced them to make peace with the human race. A peace everyone needed. The treaty which took place was between the dragons elders (known later as the ancient dragons) and the human race leaders (known later as the royal blood).

The peace treaty stated that peace shall last among the two races  forever. Also, it involved a blood-pact between the elders and leaders to enforce the treaty. A blood-pact to curse whoever break the treaty.

But history repeat itself as the human race betrayed the dragon race and enslaved them keeping their younglings captive. The curse activated on the desended of human leaders to live the life of neither of the two races. Not a human nor a dragon. The curse kept the leaders in state of form changing between humans and dragons, which got some of the leaders hunted down and mistaken as dragons.

After some time the leaders who left stopped the enslaving, releasing and freeing all dragons. But, the curse stayed in effect and was inherited from generation to generation. Some were able to take control of the curse, mastering the transformation at will.

This was the beginning of the Nascarmis age..

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